Research Methodology

Research Methodology

Blindwink Follows Several Research Methodology For Data Collection Including

Research Methodology

  • Step 1: Program Planning
  • Step 2: Survey Development
  • Step 3: Survey Deployment
  • Step 4: Data Analysis
  • Step 5: Reporting
  • Step 6: Constitution & Review

Secondary (Desk Research)

Blindwink has its own library of different market research projects for secondary research. We also find it fast by using the web and other resources.


  • Central Location Tests (CLT)
  • Focus Group Discussions (FGD)
  • In-depth Interviews (IDI)
  • Ethnography
  • PRA studies


  • Face to Face Interviewing
  • CATI (Computer added telephonic interviewing)
  • CAWI (Computer added web interviewing)